The Beginning

“Are you gonna suck it or not?” he asked, staring into my eyes and licking those thick, juicy, pink lips. At this point, I’m panicking. Even though I’m drunk, I’m not drunk enough for that! But I don’t want to be the frigid girl, that’s embarrassing. but in a park? that’s a bit much. Shit. I need to think quick before he thinks I’m so drunk I turned stupid. “I won’t suck it, but I’ll wank you off?” I blurted out, maybe because I’m drunk he wouldn’t think anything of it. “That’s shit though, just suck it babes, no one will know.” Really? Does he actually expect me to believe that? But he looks too buff right now, shit. Am I really contemplating this? Imagine if I’m shit, I’ll be known as the girl who gives shit brain. “Nah man, I’m to drunk for that” I stand in front of him and start unzipping his trousers, hoping I look sexy, I even try and lick my lips like he did, but I don’t think it’s working out. I slip my hand down his boxers, reaching for ‘it’ trying to be the professional pornstar I think I am. I start slow gradually building up speed, I look up and his sexy mouth is making that ‘O’ shape. Fuck, I’m even better than I thought. “Spit on it baby” he whispered in between moans. What the actual fuck? Spit on it? Ok then. I do as I’m told and spit, on my bloody hand, I kiss my teeth quietly. I wipe my saliva onto his piece and continue stroking his dick like the pro I think I am. He finally cums into my hands. It’s so warm and sticky, fuck where am i gonna wipe this shit? “Taste it” he demanded. HELL TO THE FUCKING NO! is what I wish I said, but like the submissive girl I am, I licked my hand. “It actually tastes quite nice, I like it, because it’s salty.” I lied, but I don’t even think he noticed. He pulled up his trousers and started walking around the miniature hill back to his friends. I waited. Thinking about what I just done, with a boy I knew for only 30 minutes. I take in a deep breath and go back to the party. I need another drink, ASAP.

“Where the did you go?” Jasmine asked, half tipsy half panicked.

“I needed to piss real quick, why did I miss anything?” I asked taking the bottle from her delicate hands.

“Nah, not really, but my mum just called me, I need to go home asap.” Oh snap! I didn’t even realise the time, it’s so dark outside, I need to start moving before my mum calls me too.

“Yeah, let’s go now, we’ll say bye to everyone then go.” We spoke to who we needed to speak to and made a move.

We get to the bus stop, thank God, and checked the bus timetable. “Shit, we just missed the bus” I tell Jasmine and she kisses her teeth in frustration. Shit, I can already tell she’s pissed when she gets home. I suggest we start walking home, because it’ll be faster, for the both of us. Jasmine looks around and quickly agrees. We begin to power walk our way through the estate, hoping and praying that no one spots us, since we are in so called ‘paigon ends’ and all that stupid stuff.

“I need to sober up quickly before I get home” Jasmine whispered loud enough for me to hear. I hum in agreement. To be honest I’m too drunk, tired and cold to even care about being in trouble at this point.I just wanna get home so I can sleep.

Jasmine turns into the road of the shop and I quickly follow. I start hearing some heavy footsteps coming closer to us. I take a quick glance back and

“Oh sshhiitt”


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