“Yo!” When did this child’s phone even ring? And how dare he answer it? I’m here waiting for him to dick me down and show me what he’s got, yet this imbecile is on the fucking phone. “Yeah, I just had to go home and do something quickly, I’m coming back now babes, don’t worry… love you too.” Oh, he has a girlfriend? Interesting. I still want the dick though, you know there’s nothing better than relationship dick, especially when it’s not your relationship. He hangs up the phone and looks at me with regret in his eyes. For. Fuck. Sake. I’m not getting the dick today, I was getting excited as well.

Out of frustration, I begin to search for my leggings all the while this boy is still staring at me. Can he just snap out of his feelings for a second and, tell me he wants to feel my tight walls? Damn. I begin to mumble loud enough for Prince to hear me “what a waste of time, I knew I should’ve stayed in college.” My conscious is sneering at me, eurgh, I hate it when she’s right.

“Look I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, but please don’t tell my girl.” He looks like a little boy who’s going to receive the worst beating of his life. Hmm, maybe I should tell him to dick me down in exchange for not telling his girlfriend? I look at him up and down, his jeans still at his ankles, but his boxers are on (they’re not hiding that boner though, fuck he’s so big), his baggy white t-shirt is just floating around his waistline. “How badly do you want me to keep this secret?” I whisper as I draw nearer to him. Beads of sweat begin to form on his forehead as he takes a huge gulp. I try my hardest not to laugh, but fail miserably, Prince quickly begins to relax. “So… Are you going to keep my secret or are you going to snitch?” Rah, back to this question? I should tell her because he’s starting to work my nerves now.

“1. I don’t even know who she is. 2. I won’t tell her for now. Let’s just say that from now on, when I tell you to jump, you ask me how high, OK?” Damn girl, I never knew you would do him like that.

“OK, but you have to promise not to tell her, because if you do then I’ll”

“You won’t do shit, shut up.” Silence, that’s what I like to hear. Nothing.

I find my clothes and quickly dress myself and walk back down the deep red stairs and through the cream hallway, out the wooden front door without saying a word to Prince. I stand still for a while, I contemplate my next move. It’s only 11:30, damn I was there for 30minutes? Fuck. what a waste of my time. I bring out my Samsung, swipe down, and press play, coincidentally, Marvin Sapp – He has his hands on you, caresses’ my ears. Damn I wish someone else’s hands would be on me right now. Oh shit, how inappropriate “sorry God” I whisper whilst looking up to the sky. I begin to stroll back past the houses and through the fallen yellow and brown leaves.

Hmm, who’s going to dick me down today? I decide call the love of my life, Jermaine. I need some good loving to make me feel better after Prince just let me down.

*Line busy* I call him again, because his phone might be on do not disturb mode.

*Line busy* again? Fuck this boy. I need my pussy eaten as well as fucked, and I know exactly who I need to call. Isiah. This 6ft4 chocolate God has never failed me and gives me that essential orgasm needed for me to stay focused for the week. Isiah is the definition of perfect, he has dark brown eyes which twinkle all the time, straight white teeth, chiselled chest, 6 pack, and he’s the sweetest guy I know. One day I’m going to stop being a hoe for him, you know, if things don’t work out between me and Jermaine.

I drop him a quick text telling him I’ll be at his house in 30 minutes because I’m coming from Tottenham. Before I know it, I’m at the bottom of Prince’s road. I didn’t realise how close to the college he lived, I hope none of my future fuck buddies saw me, that would be a shame.

“Yeah sure, I’ll pick you up from Angel, call me when you’re there” my insides are dancing with joy. I’m going to get some good dick today!

I turn left into the blue and white corner shop, which can only fit about 5 people at a time, luckily, I just need some gum, can’t go see Isiah with dick breath, that’s a no no.

I exit the corner shop and turn left, popping a few pieces of extra spearmint gum into my mouth and continue to stroll down the, now empty strip of chicken and chip shops. Oh, there’s a train station on the opposite side of the road, I didn’t even notice. I get to the end of the long road and wait at the bus stop. About 30 seconds later my bus arrives (surprisingly). I tap my oyster and continue listening to the gospel music blasting in my ears since I can’t be bothered to switch it to anything else. I get off the bus at the busy high street and call Isiah. “I’m in Angel now, hurry up.”

“I’m at the traffic light, keep your knickers on, if you’re wearing any this time” damn I can feel his smile through the phone.

“I’m not wearing any today, actually. I’m at the bus stop outside Lidl.” I hang up. I spot his shiny black BMW slowing down before me. I jump in the front seat and all I can feel are Isiah’s eyes on me, on my body. Shit, he’s horny. Maybe I should tease him.

The car pushes forward and next thing I know we’re on the motorway on our way to Ilford.

“Why was you in Edmonton, little miss?” why is he biting his lip at me like that? He knows that turns me on.

“I was at college, I started today, but then I started thinking about you and decided to holla, is that alright with you?” I begin to feel his manhood over his jeans, gently stroking up and down getting him harder and harder.

“Aha, so you want to play? That’s fine, I like playing with you.” He flashes that cheeky smile, making my insides quiver again. How does he do this? I can’t help but giggle like an idiot. I want him right here, right now, but I can’t. I want to play and I need to win.

I begin by taking off my jumper so I’m left in just my bra. Slowly cupping my breast, I start to rub and grab them gently. “Are you sure you still want to play baby?” I question Isiah as he is currently having problems concentrating on driving.

“Yeah, carry on, I’m enjoying this.” Not more than I am, I love it when he watches me play, makes me feel like his personal porn star. I then pull down my leggings to my ankles and stick my index finger in my mouth and slowly start thrusting it in and out, whilst using my tongue to circulate around my finger. With my eyes locked onto Isiah, I begin to moan whilst my other hand slowly travels down south meeting my purring pussy, ready to be teased and played with.

Tilting my head back, I use my index and forefinger to tease my clit in a circular motion, enabling a small moan to escape. “Wow” I hear Isiah whisper. Great, now I know he’s getting excited. I continue to tease my clit for a while then slowly insert the two fingers inside me. The feeling is exhilarating and just what I needed. “Mmm” I moan, as I thrust the fingers in and out of my wet pussy. I continue playing with my pussy until I can feel my orgasm coming. Lord knows it’s overdue. “Oh shit, baby I’m going to cum all over the seat.” I continue playing, hitting my G-spot and there it is. I cum all over my fingers and the seat. I remove my fingers, ready to taste myself, but Isiah grabs my hand.

“I want to taste you first.” There’s that smirk again, damn I think I’m going to cum again just looking at him.

He begins to lick and suck my fingers clean, sending shivers back down to my vagina. Damn we need to get to his house asap, I need to feel him inside me. I begin to pull up my leggings and put my jumper in the back.

“Mmm, you taste sweet.” He tells me as he removes my fingers from his mouth.

“How much longer till we get to yours?” I groan impatiently.

“Aha, what you can’t wait?” he knows I can’t, he can tell I’m hungry for him.

“No, I can’t wait, I want you, now.” Isiah looks at me and laughs, I sit back and enjoy the view of Isiah. I notice the waves in his hair, the drop on his bottom lip, oh how I love biting that bottom lip. I look down and see my favourite part of him, standing tall and ready to take action.

A few moments later I notice Isiah pull into Sainsbury’s. I assume it’s for petrol, but we drive straight past the station and pull up into a secluded parking spot.

Oh, so he can’t wait either?


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