A New Chapter

Anyways. Let’s fast forward a few years. I’ve finally finished secondary school and I’m en route to college, also known as, new dick paradise. Fuck yeah I’m excited, can’t you tell?

It’s the first day, and judging by the uncles and sexy men winking and trying to approach me on the cold streets, I would say I look gorgeous. These black leggings are definitely making my ass look juicyand, this blue jumper is also making my breast look big and succulent.

A quick trip to Greggs for a chicken bake and a doughnut to start my day right (can’t ride dick on an empty stomach). I approach the crowded bus stop on the busy high street, hop on any bus further up the high street since its only two stops till my college and I’m feeling lazy. I brush my hair and apply some more lip gloss to draw more attention to my thick lips, these guys need to know I didn’t just come here for education. Finally, it’s time to get off the bus, I wander past the hair shop and begin my journey down the long road packed with crowded cafes, chicken and chip shops and sexy college boys. Damn and even some girls. Shit, I’m really on it. I hope they all attend this college and not the one down the road, that would be disappointing. 

Why are there so many hood boys outside the building? Do they not have weed to be selling or something? Eurgh. Anywho, I walk through their little batches and catch the eye of one sexy brown girl, am I moving onto girls now? Even if I am, fuck it, you only live once right?

“Yo, bluey” which useless child is addressing me like such? I turn around ready to cuss, but I’m met by bright hazel eyes. Mmm, is he going to break my college-ginity? 

“You all right?” twirling my hair between my fingers and pursing out my lips for extra attention.

“Yeah babe, I saw you from down the road and decided to shoot my shot.” Damn. He. Is. Fine. Clear caramel skin, 6ft, thick lips and those eyes, oh those eyes… I want to do some naughty things with this boy.

“You can shoot a shot somewhere warm” I mumble, half-heartedly hoping he heard what I said so he knows exactly what I want from him.

“What was that, miss…” he leans in. Oh smooth, but this boy doesn’t need to know my name. Unless he lays it down correctly.

“Call me Princess. What’s your name?” I continue walking towards the grey and green college building, crowded with excited boys and girls thirsting for knowledge, I assume. Plus, I can’t be late on my first day, what kind of impression will that give off? I need to be a serious candidate.

“Call me Prince, Princess.” I like this cheekiness, Prince follows me through the automatic glass door and into the building. Oh, so he even attends this college, thank God. “How old are you? I’m 17 by the way.” No wait, can we just pause for a moment to appreciate how good God is please?He’s sexy and he’s older than me, so I don’t have to decline him. Because, Lord knows I don’t deal with guys my age or younger than me. We suddenly end up at the bottom of the stairs, when did we get here?

“I’m 16, but listen, I’m going to put my number in your phone and you’re going to message me so we can have some fun.” I’ve honestly never seen someone grab their phone so fast. I type my number into his phone and give it back to him. Slowly turning around, I begin to stroll up the grey metal stairs making sure my ass is poking out and swaying my waist small small. I can feel his eyes on my ass. “YAS GIRL WORK IT!” my conscience screams whilst snapping her fingers. I’m feeling confident with a capital K. So, I guess it’s Konfident.

I walk through the corridor bursting with life and excitement, I can hear bashment and excited girls talking. I pray this isn’t my class. I check the room number and thank God it’s not. I continue strolling through the corridor, “201.. 202.. 203…” Finally, I approach the grey classroom with nothing but colourful posters about theories and healthcare professions. I quickly find a seat on the table with the least amount of people. It’s just an introductory session and I don’t want to introduce myself to people right now, so I put my headphones in and start listening to some slow bashment. I drift off into my own world and start thinking of all the nasty things I’m going to do with this boy, and it’s starting to turn me on. I close my eyes and a small moan leaves my lips. Shit I hope no one heard that, I look around in a panic but everyone seems to be acting normal.

“Meet me the bus stop outside of college now.” Fuck yeah. I pack up my stuff and literally walk out whilst the teacher is talking to the class. I actually don’t care, I’m on a mission. My conscience is telling me to get back into class and make a good impression, but my pussy is screaming “girl you know you want some dick.” I’m definitely going to listen to my pussy, I can’t be horny during my lessons, I won’t concentrate.

I practically run back down the metal stairs through the automatic glass door. I start power walking through the miniature grass field avoiding the dog poo at all costs. Once I spot him sitting on the bench at the bus stop, I start to slow down and walk on the pavement through the fallen leaves and approach him.

“Hey.” We exchange hugs and he takes the lead. We walk down the strip of identical attached houses, through the fallen orange and brown leaves, autumn is beautiful. He suddenly stops outside one of the houses.

“We’re here, follow me.”

“What did you think I was doing, following the rainbow?” What a stupid something. I flash Prince a cheeky smile, since I still want some dick. I follow him through the small metal gate, he starts searching his body for the keys. He needs find them fast because I’m growing impatient. He finally opens the door and I’m greeted by the odour of fresh cotton and closed doors. Prince takes my hand and leads me through the cream hall way and up the red-carpet stairs. He’s wasting no time at all, I didn’t even have time to look around. Prince walks through the first door I see and suddenly the odour changes to the smell of sweat socks. Ew. His dick better not smell too.

Prince grabs me by my waist and pins me against the wall, the next thing I know we are kissing violently, with my hands around his neck pulling him closer. My hands begin to travel down south and I begin unbuckle his belt, and pull his jeans and his boxers down in one go. Damn I’m good. I grab his girth, he doesn’t smell and he’s HUGE. I thank God in my head.

I sink to my knees, open my wet mouth, and force his whole dick into my mouth carefully rolling my tongue around every inch. “Oh sshhiitt” he lets out a small moan. I’m going to enjoy this. I pull away to start kissing and licking the tip, lightly. Caressing every part of him. I go back to deepthroating him without taking a second breath, allowing him to enjoy my mouth. Saliva begins to trickle down my neck and fall onto my breasts. I grab his dick with my right hand to start licking him repeatedly, then I get to my favourite part. The balls. I begin by gently licking the pair. “Ahhh.” Oh he’s enjoying this. Putting both balls into my mouth I begin to play with them using my tongue, whilst still stroking his long dick. “Suck it.” So now he’s giving me orders? I thought I was in charge. I gargle his balls one more time and go back to deepthroating. Prince grabs the back of my head and starts to fuck my mouth, this feels like heaven. I pull away and spit on it to make it extra sloppy, then I take the initiative and begin to tickle his balls using my hands. That’s the aim baby. His hands release my head so I know he’s close. “Fuck you’re going to make me cum.” At this point I activate beast mode and start sucking his dick hard and fast until he unloads in my mouth. “Oh my God. Shit, shit, shit.” I continue sucking, everyone knows you don’t just stop sucking once a guy cums. After a few moments, I let go. I swallow (spitting is rude) the load mixed with my saliva, it tastes salty, someone hasn’t been eating their fruits.

Prince’s eyes are still closed, I guess he’s still thinking about my mouth. I get up and stroll past the desk with nothing but a small 22inch TV situated next to a pile of smelly shoes and dirty clothes, onto the blue double bed directly across from the overflowing wardrobe. I begin to remove my clothes so we can finish off what we started.


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