It’s AJ. He’s known for being the guy you just do not want to piss off. I once heard he cut off a guy’s dick for stealing from him. How fucked up is that? But, he is the definition of tall, dark and handsome. Perfect straight teeth (you can tell he never had braces), a full beard and he knows how to dress! He’s wearing a black velour tracksuit and black air max trainers which are making him look extra delicious. How can one be so sexy yet so dangerous?

At this point the only question running through my mind is, do we run or do we stay? I look at Jasmine, fear has overridden her face. Damn she’s going be no help right now.

“Yo, where you girls going?” he asked, flashing that sexy white smile, whist rubbing his beard. Damn, I wish I could stroke it for him.

“Home.” Jasmine exclaimed as she turned on her heels and continued making her way to the shop. I can’t help staring at his perfect smile. His smile is infectious and makes me smile in return.

“Skeen, anyways princess, what you doing tonight?” Did he just call me princess? Say it again baby.

“She just told you what I’m doing, it’s late and I want my bed.” Eventually I start strolling through the dimly lit alleyway, beneath the leaves poking out from residents’ gardens trying to catch up to Jasmine. He’s still following me. Yes! Catch up to me, keep talking to me, ask me for my number, because I’m not done with you yet handsome.

“That’s true it is late, why are you girls walking by yourself? Let me drive you home” HE DRIVES?! Damn, this boy is just ticking all the boxes.

 “Yeah, you’re right, we shouldn’t be walking, let’s go, we’ll pick up Jas from the shop. Where’s your car?” I quickly call Jasmine asking her if she wants a lift and she rapidly declines. Strange since her mum’s been belling down her line.

“Down here still.”

“Jasmine’s not coming by the way.”  I blurt out.

AJ takes the lead and we take a short walk back down the grimy alleyway, AJ is battling the hanging leaves and I can’t help but to laugh at his struggle.

As we approach the silver Mercedes, AJ strolls over to the passenger side to open my door. What a gentleman. “Thank you” I giggle. Why am I acting like this? I need to stop acting like I’ve never had my door opened by a dark-skinned God before. AJ strides over to the driver side. I can’t help but stare and bite my bottom lip at him. I cannot keep my eyes off him. Fuck.

AJ turns on the ignition and grips the steering wheel, tight. I can’t help but hope he’ll grip me like that someday, preferably around my waist, or my neck like they do in porn.

Why am I having these dirty thoughts? What is wrong with me? Maybe it’s the alcohol?

We’re cruising down the empty road to Sade’s album – The best of Sade. The car ride is silent but not awkward. We get stopped by a red traffic light and AJ turns to me, his light brown eyes are glistening in the red light. Damn, I keep getting lost in a trance.

“Princess, what’s our next destination, yours or mine?” AJ’s strong hands are stroking my thighs sending tingles to my vagina. What a cheeky little shit. Tempting offer though. Taking a minute to decide, I choose to go back to his house, my mum hasn’t called me yet so I’m safe, for now.

Reaching over to his seat, I breathe into his ear “I say we go back to yours and chill for a bit, then you can drop me home.”

Why are my shoulders being shaken? I groan in annoyance. “Wake up Princess, we’re here” oh snap, when did I fall asleep? My eyes open and my head starts spinning, damn I think my hangover is starting to kick in. Wait, when did AJ get out of the car? How didn’t I hear him?

AJ unbuckles my seatbelt and carries me out of the car, I cradle his neck and watch as he continues to walk through the fallen leaves and up the cement stairs. He’s so strong and smells like Sure men’s after shave. My favourite. AJ taps his fob key onto the pad and carries me through the Oakwood doors. A blast of heat and the scent of lemon engulfs my being. AJ continues through the white hall way and up to the first floor, into his apartment.  The smell of Febreeze fresh cotton fulfils my nostrils and I can’t help but to take in a deep breath and smile. He carries me through the cream painted hall way, into his dimly lit red and white king sized bedroom. The aroma of musk and weed fill the air, somehow the scent seems to comfort me. AJ lays me down onto the cold silk sheets on his king-sized bed.

“Mmm this bed feels so nice AJ.”

“I’m glad you like it baby. I’m gonna strap a zoot, do you want some?” Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I’ve needed to smoke for the longest, thank God I came here!

“Yeah sure babe.” AJ straps the zoot and quickly lights it. He wasn’t wasting any time. He probably wants to smoke just as much as I want to. AJ takes a few pulls and we continue passing it back and forth till it’s finished.

AJ switches on his 42inch T.V and joins me in bed. He pulls me into his arms and starts to plant soft little kisses on my neck. It feels so good. He lifts his head up and looks me into my eyes, suddenly I find myself wrapped in his arms with our lips meeting and parting vigorously. Shit, this is getting very intense very fast. But I don’t care, I’m up for anything at this point.

AJ’s hands travel down south towards my wet treasure. He begins to remove my skirt and thong, which I gladly help him with, afterwards he starts rubbing my clit, making me wet and suddenly he slips in one finger, then another. He starts playing with my left nipple, teasing it slowly between his thumb and forefinger. Fuck this feels so good. My breathing begins to quicken and my legs begin to quiver as AJ continues to work his fingers in this magical way. “You like that yeah?” he’s smiling and watching my reaction to his actions.

Suddenly AJ’s fingers stop and he’s climbing on top of me and I can feel his dick on my stomach. Wait, when did his trousers come off? How did I not realise? What the fuck is going on?





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